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Terms of Use

01. Purpose

These Terms of Use (the "Terms" or "Terms of Use") set forth the relationship between Orakl Network ("Orakl", "Company", "we", "us", or "our"), a provider of the oracle service ("Orakl", "Service"), and the Users. Please read these Terms of Use carefully before using the Service.

02. Definition of Terms

1. “Service” is a Klaytn native oracle that provides Data Feed, VRF and Request-Response solutions.
2. “Blockchain” refers to technology that stores data in an electronic block and connects each block sequentially like a chain, and records the transaction details in a ledger that anyone can read and duplicates it on each computer participating in the blockchain network. It refers to a distributed data storage method that stores.
3. “Smart contract” refers to a bundle of codes written in a language that can be operated as a program on Klaytn.
4. “Digital assets” refers to all data on the blockchain, including coins, tokens, and NFTs, as a means of storing value and a medium of exchange in an electronic way through services.
5. “KLAY” refer to a digital asset that is commonly used within Klaytn, a unique blockchain platform.
6. "Token" refers to digital assets in the form of coins or tokens issued through smart contracts on the Klaytn main chain.
7. “NFT” refers to a Non-fungible Token that has a unique key value.
8. "Member"(or "User") refers to an individual who executes a use contract with the Company (the Use Agreement”) in accordance with these Terms of Use and uses the Services provided by the Company.
9. “Account” refers to an account created to identify the person in the Service, and refers to a service account that is granted to a User who agrees to these Terms of Use and executes the Use Agreement with the Company.
10. “Klaytn Account Address” refers to a unique identification address that exists on Klaytn to record changes in digital assets between Users in the Service.
11. "Password" refers to a combination of numbers and letters set by the User for confidentiality and confirming that the User is a user matching the Account and account address.
12. “Klaytn Wallet Key” refer to a unique combination of letters and numbers used or required for all smart contract operations such as transmission, transaction, and signing of digital assets held by the account address.
The definitions of terms used in the Terms and Conditions are in accordance with relevant laws and general business practices, except for those specified in the preceding paragraph.

03. Modification of the Terms of Use

1. The Company shall display the Terms of Use on the main (initial) page of its Service so that Users can check and learn the content thereof with ease.
2. The Company may change part or the entirety of these Terms of Use to the extent that such amendment does not violate relevant laws such as the Act on the Regulation of Terms and Conditions (the “ARTC”) and the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Networks Utilization and Information Protection (the “Information and Communications Network Act” or the “ICNA”).
3. Upon changing any part of these Terms of Use, the Company shall announce the plan to do so, along with the current Terms of Use and clearly indicating the date upon which the change is to take effect as well as the cause(s) for the change, on the main (initial) page of its Service 15 days before said change is to take effect. Should the Company change these Terms of Use in a way that disadvantages Users or significantly affects the rights and obligations of the Users, the Company shall publicly announce from no later than 30 days prior to the effective date until the day before the effective date, and individually inform the Users whose phone numbers or emails are collected through the relevant means.
4.While the Company clearly and separately notified (or if the User whose individual notification means have not been collected is notified of the following during the period specified in Paragraph 3) that the a User who did not express their intention to object to the revised Terms of Use by the effective date notified or individually informed in accordance with the Paragraph 3 would be deemed to have provided its consent to the revised Terms of Use, if such User failed to explicitly indicate its intention to object to such revised Terms of Use and continues to use the Service after the effective date of the revised Terms of Use, such User shall be deemed to have consented to the revised Terms of Use.
5. If the User does not agree with the revised Terms of Use, the User may discontinue use of the Service and terminate the Use Agreement. Where there are exceptional circumstances making it impossible for a Company to continue to apply the old Terms of Use, the Company may first terminate the Use Agreements with users who refuse to accept the changed Terms of Use.

04. Other Binding Rules

1. The Company may indicate details in its operation policy in connection with use of the Service within the scope determined in these Terms of Use.
2. For matters not defined in these Terms of Use and the interpretation of these Terms, the applicable laws of the Republic of Korea and the general conventions of commerce shall apply.3. The Company may require separate consent to a separate operation policy (including, without limitation, the Paid Service Standard Contract) for specific services among the Services provided by the Company. In this case, the User would be allowed to review the separate operation policy and freely agree to it in the process of using the Service, and may use the individual service within the agreed scope.

05. Entering the Use Agreement

1. A user that wishes to become a member (the “applicant”) shall indicate consent to these Terms of Use and submit its application. The Use Agreement is entered into effect when the Company approves the application.
2. The Company reserves the right to withhold approval of, or latently terminate Use Agreements signed on the basis of, applications in the following cases:
a. Where the applicant has had the experience of having its sign-up revoked pursuant to these Terms of Use in the past (except for applicant users that have secured Company authorization to seek sign-up again);
b. Where the applicant has provided false or misleading information, or use of someone else's name;
c. Where the applicant has faults or its own or violated other laws, rules, etc. that prevent the approval of its application;
d. Where the applicant resides in a jurisdiction according to whose law using the Service may constitute an illegal or criminal act;
e. If an applicant determines that the purpose of using the Service for anti-social or illegal purposes;
f. If the applicant breaches any of the responsibilities of the User as provided in the Article 10 herein;
g. Where the applicant is under the age of 19;
3. Where it is impossible to accept new applications due to lack of room in service facilities, or other technical/administrative reasons, the Company may reserve the approval of applications.
4. In principle, the Company is to inform applicants of their applications being denied or reserved due to reasons enumerated in Paragraphs 2 and 3 if the Company has contact information of the applicant.
5. The Use Agreement is deemed effective as of the moment upon which the applicant has agreed to the Terms of Use, submitted its application, and the Company has accepted it.

06. Personal Information

In the event that the Company collects personal information, the Company strives to protect all Users’ personal information in accordance with the applicable laws, including the Personal Information Protection Act (hereinafter the “PIPA”) and the ICNA. Applicable laws as well as the Company’s own Privacy Policy apply to the use and protection of Users’ personal information. However, the Company's personal information processing policy does not apply to linked sites other than the Company's official site.

07. User Obligations Concerning Password

1. Users have the duty to protect and manage their own passwords. They are not to lend, transfer, or otherwise allow the use of such information by third parties.
2. Upon confirming that their password or other parts of protected information are being used by unauthorized third parties, Users must immediately inform the Company and follow its instructions on the handling thereof.
3. The Company shall not be held responsible for losses or damage that may arise due to Users’ failure to inform the Company and/or follow its instructions pursuant to Paragraph 2, unless there is intentional or negligence on the part of the Company.
4. The Company shall not be held responsible for losses or damage that Users may suffer due to the loss, theft, or unauthorized disclosure of their access information, including passwords, except in cases where such losses have occurred due to deliberate acts or negligence by Company.

08. Notification of Users

1. When the Company notifies users of information related to the service in operating the service, the Company notifies users individually in a reasonable manner such as email of the user held by the company.
2. In the case of notification to all users, the Company can replace the notification in Paragraph 1 by posting it through service for more than 7 days. In the event of notification of content that adversely affects or significantly affects the rights and obligations of the Users, individual notice shall be given in accordance with Paragraph 1, 30 days prior to the effective date (or, if the Company has not collected individual notification means relating to the User, the notification may be replaced by making public announcement for more than 30 days).

09. Responsibilities of the Company

1. The Company shall not engage in conduct or acts that are prohibited by applicable laws or the Terms of Use and/or that run contrary to the good and fine customs of society. It shall strive to provide stable services without interruption.
2. The Company shall adopt security systems and solutions to protect Users’ personal information, and disclose and abide by its Privacy Policy.
3. The Company shall hire the necessary personnel and systems to ensure appropriate handling of Users’ complaints and requests for remedies regarding their use of Services.
4. Where Users make valid claims or complaints regarding Services, the Company shall act to remedy the situation. The Company may use its electronic emails, etc. to inform Users of the status and outcomes of their claims or complaints.

10. Responsibilities of Users

1. Users shall refrain from the following:
a. Providing false information upon applying for sign-up or updating User information;
b. Misappropriating/stealing third parties’ information;
c. Altering information posted/displayed by the Company;
d. Transmitting or displaying information (including computer programs) other than that provided by the Company;
e. Infringing upon copyrights and other intellectual property rights of the Company and/or third parties;
f. Defaming the reputation or interrupting operations of the Company and/or third parties;
g. Posting/displaying information of obscene and/or violent nature, whether in the forms of texts, videos or voices;
h. Misappropriating the Company’s Services for profit making purposes without the Company’s consent;
i. Use of the Service in an unusual way;
j. The act of using the Service for the purpose of motivating and executing illegal activities;
k. Illegal activities such as multi-level and similar deposit-taking;
l. Other illicit, unethical and/or criminal acts.
2. Users shall comply with the applicable laws, these Terms of Use, and the Company's policy and instructions regarding the use and appropriation of its Services. They shall refrain from acts or conduct that could interfere with the Company’s operations.
3. When using the Service, the User shall not transfer the authority to a third party or receive compensation for the use of the Service (all tangible or intangible compensation such as money and information).
4. The User shall not reproduce, store, process, distribute, or provide the result data of the Service to a third party without the prior consent of the Company.
1. The copyright of the Services and related programs provided by the Company belongs to the Company.
2. Users must not infringe the copyright of the Company or a third party when using the Service.
3. Copyright or use rights for the results through the Service are not deemed to have been acquired by the User.
4. When creating or using a screen using the Service, the User must specify that it is the result of the Service. However, if the Company has a separate display method, it shall be followed.

12. Service Type and Provision

1. The Company provides the following Services to Users.
a. Provide on-chain data feed
b. Allow Users to call any APIs via Request-Response
c. Generate random numbers via VRF (Verifiable Random Function)
2. Please refer to the website (https://www.orakl.network/) for detailed regulations of the type and content of the Service according to the preceding paragraph.
3. The Company can set the scope of the Service, the available time, and the number of times of use, and the User may use the Service only according to the service provision conditions set by the Company. The Company will notify Users in accordance with Article 8 so that Users can check.
4. Service fee may be charged for using the Service provided by the Company and a User using the Service shall abide by the policy including terms of the fee designated and amended by the Company from time to time.
5. The Company may temporarily suspend the provision of Services in the event of maintenance, inspection, replacement, or breakdown of information and communication facilities such as computers, communication disruption, or significant operational reasons. In this case, the Company will notify the User in accordance with Article 8, except for unavoidable reasons that cannot be notified.
6. The Company may conduct regular inspections to provide smooth Service, and there may be restrictions on some or all of the Services. The Company notifies the Service of necessary matters for periodic inspection, and is not liable for any damages incurred unless there is intention or negligence of the Company.
7. The Company is not responsible for any incorrect input or request by the User through the Service.
8. The Company notifies Users when some functions within the Service are restricted due to service failure or maintenance of a third party connected to the Service. We are not responsible for any problems arising from this, unless there is intentional or negligence of the Company.

13. Using Paid Services

1. The Company provides the Service for free, but some services or services are limited and may be provided for a fee.
2. In principle, when using the paid service provided by the Company, the User must pay the usage fee according to the paid service standard contract before using it. The payment method and period of payment for the paid service provided by the Company are in accordance with the paid service standard contract.
3. The Company may request additional information from Users to fulfill payment according to the paid service standard contract.
4. Detailed regulations, such as use, restriction, and termination of paid services, follow the standard contract for paid services. In this case, if there is a conflict between these Terms and the paid service standard contract, the paid service standard contract will be applied first.

14. Method of payment

1. The payment method for using the paid service can be made by any of the following methods.
Prepayment allows consumers of Orakl Network to prepay for services in KLAY, and then using those funds when interacting with Orakl Network.
Direct Payment
Direct Payment method allows to use Orakl Network's services without requiring to create any account in advance. All services can be requested and paid at the time of the request in KLAY.
2. Members must use the payment method in their own name when using the payment method of Paragraph 1 for payment of paid services, and must not use another person's payment method arbitrarily. Members are responsible for all damages to the Company, the legitimate owner of the payment method, and a third party related to payment that may occur by using the payment method of another person arbitrarily, unless there is intentional or negligence on the part of the Company.
3. The information entered by the Member in connection with the payment and the responsibilities and disadvantages incurred in connection with the information shall be borne by the Member, unless there is intentional or negligence on the part of the Company.
4. The Member must use a payment method with proper usage rights when making payment, and the Company can verify this. In addition, the Company may stop the transaction or cancel the transaction until it confirms that the Member's payment method is legitimate.
5. Depending on the Company's policy, the cumulative payment amount of the Member may be limited.
6. To ensure more convenience on the part of the Users, more payment methods may be added in addition to those stated in Paragraph 1.

15 (KLAY as Payment Method)

1. The Company may allow KLAY as a payment method as defined in Article 2. Payment using KLAY shall only be possible for single payments.
2. The User shall comply with the payment policies set forth by the Company when using KLAY as a payment method. The Company shall display the payment policies on the payment page of its Service so that Users may check and learn the content thereof with ease.
3. In the following cases, the Company may restrict approval until the reasons for limiting approval for payment applications are resolved.
a. In case of service failure
b. In case of inspection or failure of the payment
4. Members' use of paid services is applied after applying for automatic payment services (e.g., electronic payment service agreement, etc.).
5. When using the automatic payment service, if the payment balance is insufficient compared to the amount charged on the day of the payment, or if payment cannot be made normally due to the Member's negligence, such as payment restrictions or overdue, the use of the Service may be restricted. The Company is not responsible for any damages that may be caused by this, unless there is intentional or negligence on the part of the Company.

16. Modification or Suspension of the Service

1. The Company may change part or all of the Service provision if there is a reasonable reason, such as in the following cases:
a. Illegal activity;
b. Maintenance and inspection of information and communication facilities such as computers, equipment replacement and breakdown, disruption of communication, etc.
c. Maintenance such as facilities for Service;
d. Service unavailable due to power outage, failure of all facilities, or congestion of usage;
e. Network failure across the country or region;
f. When there is an unavoidable situation in which the Service cannot be provided due to Company circumstances;
g. Force majeure reasons such as natural disasters, national emergencies, regulations or restrictions under each country's laws/policies, etc.;
2. The Company shall inform Users of planned changes to be made to its Services, along with the reasons for change and the date on which the change is to take effect, on the main (initial) service page prior to taking the change into effect. However, this is not the case if notification is not possible due to reasons beyond the Company's control.
3. The Company may revise, suspend, terminate, alter or modify part or the entirety of the Services including various promotional events such as free commission events. Unless otherwise stipulated by the applicable laws, the Company shall not be held responsible for compensating Users for changes in such free services.
4. Users who do not agree with changes in the Company’s services may indicate their refusal explicitly to the Company and terminate their Use Agreements.
5. The Company shall not be held liable for any problems arising from the change or interruption of this service unless there is intention or negligence of the company.

17. Provision of Information and Posting of Advertisements

1. The Company may provide a variety of information necessary for Service use to Users through notices or email. Users reserve the freedom to refuse to receive communications from the Company, except for those on transactions, inquiries, etc. required by the applicable laws.
2. The Company may place advertisements on the homepage and may send advertisements using email with the express consent of the User. If the User no longer wants to receive the above email even after providing consent, the User may refuse to receive the email at any time through the management function within the Service.
3. All advertisements, other services, links to other websites, and other materials provided outside the Services are provided by third parties. The Company does not have any rights or interests in relation to services or actions provided by third parties.

18. Termination of the Service

1. Users may terminate the Use Agreements they have entered with the Company at any time by withdrawing all their KLAY from the Service.
2. The Company may terminate the Use Agreements with Users for the reasons listed below. In such cases, the Company shall notify the User of the termination, and the cause(s) thereof, pursuant to Article 8. The Company shall allow the User to state its opinions on the alleged cause(s) of termination.
The Use Agreement shall expire the moment Company’s decision to terminate has been communicated to the User.
a. Although the Company requested a User who is restricted from using the Service pursuant to Article 20 of these Terms of Use to correct by setting a considerable amount of time, if the User did not correct it within the requested period or the reason cause to the User cannot be corrected from objective perspective;
b. Where the User has committed criminal acts, such as providing illegal programs, interrupting others’ services, hacking, distributing malicious programs, and attempting to access more information and resources than legally allowed;
c. Where the User has attempted at, and/or succeeded in, interrupting Company’s Services;
3. Upon the termination of the Use Agreement, the User shall lose all the privileges and benefits it has gained from the use of Company’s Services, for which Company shall not have to compensate.
4. Notwithstanding Paragraph 3, the Company may elect to keep information on the User for a certain period of time to facilitate the processing and handling of the User’s objections or inquiries concerning Company’s decision to terminate the Use Agreement.
5. When the termination of the Use Agreement is completed, all information of the User will be deleted after thirty (30) days, except for cases where separate storage is specified in relevant laws and regulations.
6. Notwithstanding the preceding paragraph, in the event that it is terminated pursuant to paragraph 3 or if separate storage is specified in the terms and conditions or related laws for business processing such as payment for paid services, the User's information may be stored for a certain period of time.

19. (Refunds Etc.)

1. The User may request a refund for the payment made for using the Service provided by the Company within 7 days from payment date, unless:
a. a normal service use is detected in the User’s account for at least 1 day
b. an error or blockage on Orakl occurs due to reasons for which the User is responsible
c. a restriction on use or a termination of contract is takes place due to a violence of the terms set forth herein by the User
d. If it falls under the reasons for the restriction of withdrawal of subscription stipulated by other related laws such as the Act on the Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, Etc.
e. If the User who applied for a refund did not directly purchase, such as the contents obtained free of charge through promotion, etc. or received as a gift from a third party
2. The Company may request payment information necessary for the refund process described in Paragraph 1. In such a case, the User must provide the requested information within the date set forth by the Company. Failing to do so may result in the cancellation of the refund process.
3. Refunds are to be made in the same payment method used by the User. In case it is not possible to make the refund in the same payment method, the refund may be made in a different method as set forth by the Company, which will be notified to the User in writing in advance.
4. The User is responsible for any damages following any non-compliance during the refund process by the User due to negligence or intentional disregard, even after the Company sufficiently informed the Users of the process in accordance with Paragraph 2, and the Company shall not be responsible.
5. If the User requests a refund for a payment made in KLAY, the amount of KLAY to be refunded shall be determined pursuant to Article 15.
6. In the event of a refund under the Paragraph 1, the procedures shall be in accordance with relevant laws and regulations such as the Act on the Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, etc.

20. Restrictions on Use, Etc.

1. The Company gradually restrict the use of the Service by warning, suspension, permanent suspension of use,
termination of the Use Agreement, such as in the following cases:
a. Hacking and fraud incidents;
b. Suspicion of impersonation;
c. Request for service restrictions in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations of state agencies;
d. Engaged or suspected of being involved in money laundering, unfair trade, or criminal activity;
e. If a User violates the obligations of these Terms of Use, in case of any of the reasons set forth in Article 5(2) of these Terms of Use, in case of any breach of obligations set forth in Article 10 or 12 of these Terms of Use, or interferes with the normal operation of the service;
f. Other reasons similar to each of the subparagraphs occur, or measures are required to prevent such occurrences;
2. If the use of the Service is restricted pursuant to the preceding paragraph, restrictions on the use of the Service may apply pursuant to Article 12.
3. The Company may immediately revoke a User’s rights upon discovering that the User has violated law with acts including, but not limited to, misappropriation of third parties’ names and payment authority in violation of the Resident Registration Act; production of service-interrupting illegal computer programs in violation of the Copyrights Act and the Computer Program Protection Act; and illegal communications or hacking, distribution of malicious programs, illegal access, etc. in violation of the ICNA. Users whose rights are so revoked pursuant to this Paragraph shall be eligible for limit some or all of the Service.
4. Users who are subject to restriction of service use or permanent suspension of use can cancel the restricted status only if they meet the cancellation conditions set by the Company.
5. If the Company restricts the use of the Service or terminates the Use Agreement pursuant to this Article, the Company notifies the User pursuant to Article 8.
6. Users can file an objection against measures such as restrictions on use according to the procedures set by the Company.

21. Limitation of Liability

1. We are not responsible for any damages in the event of damage to the User due to the following reasons.
a. If the Service cannot be provided due to natural disasters or equivalent national emergency.
b. If a use of the Service becomes impossible due to compliance with the de facto or legal administrative dispositions and orders of a government agency.
c. If the service failure occurs due to a failure of the blockchain platform Klaytn, data sources, data providers or a cause attributable to the User.
d. If the server fails due to instantaneous service access increase, etc.
e. When it is confirmed that the contents of information, data, and the reliability, accuracy and completeness of the information posted by the User in relation to the Service are altered or false.
f. When there is no special provision in the relevant laws regarding the use of Services provided for free.
g. When transactions are made between Users or between users and third parties through Services.
h. If the agreement or contract between the Company and the User has not been reached, or if the problem occurs outside the scope.
i. If damage due to restriction or suspension of use according to these Terms of Use.
2. The Company shall not be held responsible for Users’ failure to reap the profits they expected from, or losses due to using, Company’s Services.
3. The Company does not make any direct or indirect agreements or guarantees for any matters not specified in these Terms of Use in relation to the service within the limits permitted by law.

22. Indemnification for Damage

1. The scope of indemnification to be provided by Company for losses suffered by users due to Company’s fault shall include the usual damages recognized under the Civil Act in the Republic of Korea. As for losses arising from specific circumstances, the Company may be held liable for indemnification only insofar as it can be ascertained that the Company knew of, or could have known of, such circumstances.
2. Notwithstanding Paragraph 1, the given user may be held liable for part or all of the losses in any of the following situations:
a. Where the User failed to inform Company in time, despite having known of the likelihood or fact of losses;
b. Where the User has disclosed, whether by deliberate act or negligence, its information, including its account and details of transactions, to a third party;
c. Where the User is otherwise implicated in losses, whether by deliberate act or negligence;
3. The Company shall not be held liable for losses that Users suffer through no fault of Company’s.
4. Where the information provided by a given User is inaccurate or untrue, the Company may suspend or revoke the User’s rights to its Services under these Terms of Use, and may file claims for damages against the User should such false information have caused losses to the Company.
5. Any User whose deliberate acts or negligence interrupts Company’s systems and operations, violates the law, these Terms of Use, or the good and fine customs of society, and thereby causes losses to Company, shall be held liable to indemnify for all the losses.

23. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

1. The laws of the Republic of Korea shall be the proper law governing any disputes between Company and Users.
2. The court of the jurisdiction in which the User is permanently located, at the time of pressing the lawsuit, shall be the competent court presiding over the litigation between Company and a given User. Where the User lacks a permanent address and jurisdiction, the district court presiding over the jurisdiction in which the Company is temporarily located shall oversee the litigation. Where the User lacks a definite permanent or temporary address at the time of the lawsuit, the competent court shall be decided according to the Civil Litigation Act.
3. Notwithstanding the foregoing, any litigation between a User with a foreign permanent or temporary address and the Company shall be presided over by the Seoul Central District Court in the Republic of Korea.
These Terms of Use is effective as of 6 April 2023.\