Orakl Network API


The Orakl Network API is an abstraction layer representing a single source of truth for Orakl Network deployment. The code is located under api directory.

The Orakl Network API has to be reachable from every Orakl Network service, and accessible to the Orakl Network CLI. It is implemented as a REST web server that accept requests from other services, and the state of the Orakl Network is stored in PostgreSQL database. The Orakl Network API has to be launched and configured before any other microservice.


Before we launch the Orakl Network API, we must specify few environment variables. The environment variables are automatically loaded from a .env file. Check example values from .env.local file






DATABASE_URL represents a connection string to a database that will hold the Orakl Network state.

The format of DATABASE_URL should be postgresql://[userspec@][hostspec][/dbname][?paramspec]. An example string can look as follows postgresql://bisonai@localhost:5432/orakl?schema=public.

APP_PORT represents a port on which the Orakl Network API will be running. This port will be necessary when we connect to Orakl Network API from other services.

ENCRYPT_PASSWORD is an encryption key used for encryption and decryption of private keys inserted to Orakl Network API.

REDIS_HOST and REDIS_PORT represent host and port of Redis to which the Orakl Network API connect to. The default values are localhost and 6379, respectively. Redis is used to effectively save and load impermanent data


To launch the Orakl Network API from source code in the production, one must first build the service, and then it can be launched.

yarn build
yarn start:prod


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