VRF Keys

List, Generate, Insert and Remove Orakl Network VRF Keys

If you are not an Orakl Network VRF Node Operator, you do not need to read the explanation on this page.

The Orakl Network VRF Worker needs an access to a private VRF keys (sk) to produce a provably random number given the consumer seed (received from on-chain). The Orakl Network VRF Listener requires a key hash (keyHash) that uniquely represents VRF keys. Typically, an Orakl Network VRF Node Operator does not need more than a single set of VRF keys (pk, sk, pkX, pkY and keyHash).

The Orakl Network CLI provides commands to

List VRF Keys

All VRF keys registered in the Orakl Network state can be listed with a vrf list command.

orakl-cli vrf list

To display VRF keys that are associated with a specific chain, you can apply an additional --chain parameter.

orakl-cli vrf list \
    --chain ${chain}

Generate VRF Keys

VRF keys can be generated with vrf keygen command.

orakl-cli vrf keygen

The vrf keygen command produces an output similar to the one below. VRF key generation is random, therefore the output will change with every new run. sk represents a private key that should never be shared with anybody who you do not trust.


The vrf keygen command only generates VRF keys. If you want to use them in the Orakl Network VRF, you need to insert them to the Orakl Network state through vrf insert command.

Insert VRF Keys

New VRF keys can be inserted using vrf insert command. The command below demonstrates how to insert VRF keys generated by the vrf keygen command above and associate with baobab chain.

orakl-cli vrf insert \
    --sk ebeb5229570725793797e30a426d7ef8aca79d38ff330d7d1f28485d2366de32 \
    --pk 045b8175cfb6e7d479682a50b19241671906f706bd71e30d7e80fd5ff522c41bf0588735865a5faa121c3801b0b0581440bdde24b03dc4c4541df9555d15223e82 \
    --pkX 41389205596727393921445837404963099032198113370266717620546075917307049417712 \
    --pkY 40042424443779217635966540867474786311411229770852010943594459290130507251330 \
    --keyHash 0x6f32373625e3d1f8f303196cbb78020ac2503acd1129e44b36b425781a9664ac \
    --chain baobab

Remove VRF Keys Specified By id

VRF keys can be removed based on their id, using the --id parameter applied to vrf remove command.

orakl-cli vrf remove \
    --id ${id}

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